What on earth made me come here…


Why oh why did I decide to come here? There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of bloggers worldwide already. And a lot of them are really, really good. I mean reallllyyyy good. Like Nobel Prize in Literature level bloggers…So why bother, right?

In college, I got trapped into Facebook. Just recently did I make the decision to suspend my Facebook activity. My newsfeed became a hot bed of ad spots and life-lesson quotes. It became numbing and awfully cheesy. Let me just say, meaningful conversations and debates do not mesh well with Facebook at all. No conversation ┬áreally should be staked that way. It never gets anywhere…So, I wanted to shut out the world, and a lot of incessant noise.

Then something changed. A spark lit under me. Call this a product of my New Year’s resolution, but one that I plan to keep – and I don’t believe in New Year resolutions, anyhow. I guess, I wanted to shut the world out because there was no platform in which I could truly share myself. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites just weren’t doing it for me. Life is more complicated than 117 characters confined in a text box. Life is made to be complex. Life is made to be confusing. Words exist so we can express all the many complicated things we feel. And so I gave birth to my first ever blog…

I decided to name my baby, When Life Gives You Melons. Its a twist on the old quote, “When life gives lemons, make lemonades.” Because sometimes life seems too unbearable as if someone unexpectedly hurled a watermelon right at you. It is hard to catch and hard to carry. ┬áThere are days you want to dodge all sorts of melons. My life is like that. Sometimes life is funny.

I lead one strange, awkward life. And sure, there are others whose lives are much weirder than mine. Celebrities, for instance, set all sorts of records. And I’m certainly no hipster. But I like to think there are so many boys and girls who can relate to me somehow. Growing up was strange and irregular. This blog is meant for us girls and boys to come together. In my quest to finding normalcy, I have discovered something so much better. Which is to accept myself for who I was, for who I am now, and for having the power to shape my future.

– M